Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Jeep Grandee Cheroki
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee brand Cars
+ Settings and routine maintenance
+ Ryadny six-cylinder engine
+ V8 Engine
+ Procedures of the general and major maintenance of the engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ System of electric equipment of the engine
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission
+ Transfer case
+ Coupling and transmission line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
- System of onboard electric equipment
   General information
   Diagnostics of malfunctions of electric equipment of the chassis - the general information
   Safety locks - the general information
   Fusible inserts - the general information
   Chain breakers (thermal relays) - the general information
   The relay - the general information
   Check of a condition and replacement of the breaker of indexes of turn / alarm system
   Check of serviceability of functioning and replacement of the universal podrulevy switch
   Check of a condition and replacement of the switch of the ignition/cylinder of the lock
   Check of serviceability of functioning of the switch of heating of glass of a door of a back
   Check of a condition and repair of a heater of glass of a door of a back
   Replacement of lamps of head headlights
   Adjustment of provision of head block headlights
   Removal and installation of cases of head block headlights
   Replacement of lamps
   Removal and installation of switches of head headlights and screen wiper of a window of a door of a back
   Removal and installation of a radio tape recorder and loudspeakers
   Removal and aerial installation
   Check of functioning and replacement of the motor of screen wipers
   Removal and installation of a combination of devices
   Check of functioning and horn replacement
   Description of a principle of functioning and diagnostics of a control system by speed (темпостата)
   Description of a principle of action and diagnostics of the electric drive of lowering-podnimaniya of glasses
   Principle of functioning and check of the central lock and system of opening of doors without a key
   Principle of action and check of serviceability of the electric drive of change of provision of seats
   Principle of action and check of serviceability of the electric drive of mirrors back look
   Safety cushion - the general information
   Electric circuits - the general information
   Arrangement and purpose of the relay and safety locks
+ Governing bodies and operation receptions

Safety locks - the general information

Protection of electric contours of the car is provided with application of a combination of safety locks, breakers of a chain and fusible inserts. The assembly block of safety locks is located under a cover from below the dashboard in the left part of a control panel. Besides there is a block of the relay and the safety locks, located in an impellent compartment and called also capacity distribution center (see. The Relay section - the general information).

The assembly block of safety locks is located at the left under the dashboard and closed by a cover.

Each of safety locks is intended for protection of the contour which names are put on a payment of the assembly block.

In the assembly block safety locks of tiny type are used. Such contact safety locks with knife plugs are easily inserted and taken by fingers. In default components of an electric contour always first of all check a condition its safety locks. The burned-down safety lock is easy for distinguishing from serviceable by survey of its transparent plastic case. Attentively examine a safety lock about identification of its peregoraniye. If the safety lock outwardly looks normally, but suspicions on its malfunction remained, make conductivity check between the knife plugs, acting their its cases.

Peregoraniye of safety locks of this kind can be revealed by a way of visual survey.

At replacement of safety locks watch compliance replaceable old on type. The safety locks calculated on a various current can outwardly look identical therefore it is necessary to give special attention to marking. Replacement of the burned-down safety lock on calculated on smaller - and especially big - a current is undesirable. Each electric contour needs different extent of protection. Watch that marking on the case of a safety lock corresponded to the current stipulated by Specifications on which the corresponding contour is calculated.

If the replaced safety lock immediately fuses, it is not reasonable to replace it again. Before it is necessary to reveal and eliminate the reason of its knocking-out. In most cases that appears short circuit of electroconducting of the contour, caused by break or damage of isolation of a wire.