Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Jeep Grandee Cheroki
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee brand Cars
+ Settings and routine maintenance
- Ryadny six-cylinder engine
   General information
   The repair procedures, which performance it is possible without engine extraction from the car
   Reduction in the provision VMT of a step of compression of the piston of the first cylinder
   Removal and installation of a cover of a head of cylinders
   Removal, check of a condition and installation of yokes and bars of pushers
   Replacement of klapanny springs, their plates and maslootrazhatelny caps
   Removal and installation of the inlet pipeline / final collector
   Removal and installation of a head of cylinders
   Replacement of a forward epiploon of a cranked shaft
   Condition check, removal and installation of a cover of a distributive chain, chain and its asterisks
   Removal, check of a condition and installation of a camshaft, bearings and hydraulic pushers
   Removal and installation of the pallet of a case
   Removal, check of a condition and installation of the oil pump
   Removal and flywheel installation / driving disk
   Replacement of a back epiploon of the crankshaft
   Check of a condition and replacement of rubber pillows of support of the engine
+ V8 Engine
+ Procedures of the general and major maintenance of the engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ System of electric equipment of the engine
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission
+ Transfer case
+ Coupling and transmission line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ System of onboard electric equipment
+ Governing bodies and operation receptions

Removal and installation of the pallet of a case



  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. To Poddomkratta the car also establish it on props.
  3. Remove protection of a case of the engine.
  4. Merge impellent oil and remove the oil filter (Head of Control and routine maintenance).
  5. Disconnect a reception pipe of system of production of the fulfilled gases from a final collector and remove it with подвеса near the catalytic converter, lower a pipe down, having left it freely to hang.
  6. Remove a starter (Head System of electric equipment of the engine).
  7. Uncover an observation port of check of a condition of a flywheel a forward part of transmission.
  8. Disconnect the sensor of level of oil (if that is provided).
  9. Establish a jack under a damper of krutilny fluctuations and raise it so to unload engine support. For protection of a damper, lay between it and a jack head wooden whetstone.
  10. Remove through bolts of support of the engine and raise the engine so to provide working space, sufficient for removal of the pallet of its case.
  11. Mark the provision of fixing hairpins of the pallet.
  1. Mark on the pallet of a case of the engine the provision of its fixing hairpins for the purpose of the correct installation at assembly.
  1. Give fixture (bolts/nut of hairpins) pallet and carefully separate the pallet from the engine block. If the pallet "became attached", is accurate обстучите it on perimeter a hammer with soft the brisk.
  2. Remove the pallet, shifting it back.
  1. Remove the case pallet, having led it between the bridge and a transmission dome.



  1. Carefully smooth out interfaced surfaces, having removed from them all traces of a material of old laying.
  2. Check a flange of the pallet of a case on existence of signs of deformation. In case of identification that отрихтуйте a flange a hammer, having laid it on a flat wooden surface.
  3. Prepare four directing pins from bolts of 1/4 inches (6,4 mm) on 1-1/2 inches (38 mm) in the length. Cut off heads of bolts and a hacksaw saw through in end faces of a shlitsa.

Four directing pins, applied to simplification of installation of the pallet of a case can be made of bolts 1/4 * 1-1/2 (inches).

  1. Screw pins in two boltovy openings in a forward cover and in two openings under pallet fastening on 1/4 inches in a back part of the block.
  2. Put integral laying of the pallet of a case to the block and a forward cover, having put on it directing pins.
  3. Having prepared some bolts on 1/4 inches and a replaceable face head, press the case pallet to the block, also having put on it directing pins. At once screw the prepared bolts, having tightened them by hand.
  4. Establish all bolts on 1/4 inches, remove pins, also having screwed instead of them bolts.
  5. Establish bolts on 5/16 inches and tighten all fixture of the pallet with demanded effort, moving from the center outside to some stages.
  6. Installation of the remained components make as it should be, the return to an order of their removal.
  7. Make sure that the drain stopper of the pallet was strongly tightened and fill in in the engine demanded quantity (see. Specifications to Head of Control and routine maintenance) engine oil.
  8. Start the engine and check it on leaks.