Jeep Grand Cherokee

1993-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Jeep Grandee Cheroki
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee brand Cars
+ Settings and routine maintenance
+ Ryadny six-cylinder engine
+ V8 Engine
- Procedures of the general and major maintenance of the engine
   General information
   Major maintenance of the engine - the general information
   Check of kompressionny pressure in cylinders
   The diagnostic checks made by means of the vacuum gage
   Methods of removal of the engine and necessary precautionary measures
   Removal and engine installation
   Options of restoration of the engine
   Order of dismantling of the engine
   Dismantling of a head of cylinders
   Cleaning and check of a condition of a head of cylinders
   Service of valves
   Assembly of a head of cylinders
   Removal of shatunno-piston assemblies
   Removal of a cranked shaft
   Cleaning of the block of the engine
   Check of a condition of the block of the engine
   Honingovaniye of cylinders
   Check of a condition of shatunno-piston assemblies
   Check of a condition of a cranked shaft
   Check of a condition of radical and shatunny bearings
   Engine assembly order after completion of its major maintenance
   Installation of a cranked shaft and check of gaps of radical bearings
   Installation of piston rings
   Installation of shatunno-piston assemblies and check of gaps in shatunny bearings
   The first start of the engine after major maintenance
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ System of electric equipment of the engine
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases and engine management
+ Manual box of gear shifting
+ Automatic transmission
+ Transfer case
+ Coupling and transmission line
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ System of onboard electric equipment
+ Governing bodies and operation receptions

Honingovaniye of cylinders

Before starting assembly of the engine it is necessary to make a honingovaniye of cylinders which is required for ensuring the correct landing of new piston rings and a guarantee of due sealing of chambers of combustion in the course of operation of the engine.

In case of lack of the necessary tool or desire of independent performance of work, it is possible to address in any workshop of car-care center where the honingovaniye of cylinders will be executed for quite reasonable payment.


  1. Before starting a honingovaniye of cylinders establish on the places of a cover of radical bearings and tighten bolts of their fastening with demanded effort.
  2. Are issued хоны two types - flexible хон, outwardly similar on ершик for washing of bottles and, more traditional хон for processing of mirrors of the cylinders, equipped with podpruzhinenny grinding stones. Both types equally well are suitable for performance of the forthcoming procedure, however the first is simpler in the address and at independent performance of a honingovaniye the amateur mechanic is recommended to use of Krom хона enough of kerosene or honingovochny oil, rags and an electrodrill is required also. Performance of procedure is made in the following order:
    • Clamp хон in a drill cartridge, compress stones and enter хон into the first cylinder. Do not forget to put on goggles or an obverse guard!
In the absence of experience of independent performance of a honingovaniye of due result it is simpler to achieve when using flexible хона such as «bottle ершик».
    • Plentifully grease the cylinder with honingovochny oil, include a drill and begin movement by the khan up-down in the cylinder with such step that left on a cylinder mirror the pattern looked like a uniform grid. In an ideal of the line of a grid should be crossed at an angle in 60 °. Do not feel sorry some greasing and do not remove more material, than it is really necessary for achievement of desirable polishing of a mirror.

Manufacturers of piston rings can demand providing a smaller corner of crossing of strips left by the khan on walls of cylinders of a pattern - adhere in this question of the instructions offered complete with a set of rings.

Hon should leave the equal mesh pattern which lines are crossed at an angle approximately in 60 ° on cylinder walls.

    • Do not take хон from the cylinder to a full stop of the boss of a drill. Instead continue movement хона in the cylinder up - down to its full stop, then compress stones and take хон. In case of using the flexible khan stop a drill, then, manually rotating a cartridge in the normal direction, take хон from the cylinder.
    • Wipe a mirror of the cylinder and repeat procedure for the remained cylinders.
  1. After end of a honingovaniye remove by means of a file a facet on the upper edge of each of cylinders that is necessary for prevention of hooks of rings for a sharp edge at introduction of pistons in cylinders. Observe extreme care - try not to damage the end of a file of a mirror of cylinders.
  2. The engine block should be washed carefully out again by warm water with soap for removal of traces of the abrasive which has remained after carrying out a honingovaniye of cylinders.

It is possible to consider walls of cylinders pure when after wiping by their piece white неворсящейся to rags (moistened with pure impellent oil) on it does not remain the traces of an abrasive which are showing in the form of a spot of gray color. Clean all oil openings and galleries a special brush (ershiky) and wash out them a water stream.

  1. After an opolaskivaniye dry the block and grease all processed surfaces with light oil in order to avoid corrosion development. Wrap the block in a big plastic bag and postpone it till the beginning of assembly of the engine.